I am seriously interested in organising a Wikimania in Bangkok.
The Thai Wiki does not have a functional chapter, but there is a user group 
chaired by a professor at Thailand’s major Medical College, and we have 
collaborated on various projects. 
With our combined knowledge we could get a team together fofr 2018 0r 2019 
probably 2019 would be best. .
I have experience in event management. Taweetham has lived and studiedfor his 
PhD in Australia and has attended several Wikimanias. I have lived in Thailand 
for nearly 20 years and was a professor at a government university in Bangkok 
for several years.

Bangkok has an ideal geo location, it’s a very modern city with excellent 
transport and communications infrastructures.  (two large interation airports 
only 20 mins from the city centre; highly developed urban rapid mass transport 
systems; first class Internet).

Food, accommodation, and other facilities for visitors cost roughly one sixth 
of those in Western (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe,) or Westernised economies 
(HK, Singapore, etc).

> On 17Oct, 2016, at 07:24, Ellie Young <eyo...@wikimedia.org> wrote:
> This is a follow-up to a posting to this list by the Wikimania Committee in 
> July soliciting proposals for people who might be interested in hosting a 
> future Wikimania (especially 2018 and 2019), as follows:
> ​"​We are now looking for proposals of teams and locations. This is not a ​ 
> ​bidding process; we are keen for this to be a light-weight, simple request 
> for suggestions. You don’t need to have a venue locked down, contracts 
> drafted or sponsors lined up. You can have a quick look at the “judging 
> criteria” which were used for 2016,[2] but the key part is commitment. In 
> deciding where to hold conferences, we have to take into account additional 
> factors about potential sites such as cost, ​ ​accessibility, and security. 
> ​​"​
> I will be following up with various people who have expressed interest in the 
> coming week.  If anyone  else is interested in discussing the possibilities 
> (the team/prospective host need not be tied to a particular venue), please 
> get in touch with me directly by October 30, 2016.    We will be working with 
> the WM
> ​F ​ in the coming months in finalizing a venue/team for 2018, and we also 
> want to get an early start at identifying potentials for the following year.​
> Thank you,
> Ellie Young
> WMF Events Manager
> eyo...@wikimedia.org <mailto:eyo...@wikimedia.org>
> ​
> [2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2016_judging_criteria 
> <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2016_judging_criteria>​ 
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