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> > You can clearly document the process that you follow. You can publish
> > metrics like those Lodewijk suggested (and actual numbers, not just
> > guesses). It would be nice to have a page on meta that says how many
> > cases are currently at each point in the process and is kept
> > up-to-date.
> You just volunteered to set up such a page on Meta (for 2012, I mean).
> I already described the process we use, so this should be possible for
> you to do. Thanks.

I thought Thomas's requests and suggestions in this case were quite valid
and reasonable, and they did not deserve such a condescending and
passive-aggressive response.

I'm sure you're all very busy but that's no excuse for not continually
striving for a higher standard of transparency and accountability (within
the obvious restrictions that your work imposes).

Craig Franklin
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