Yesterday sv:wp reached 1 M articles. The one who did the passing was a bot generated article of a butterfly

The bot behind this article is Lsjbot who creates articles from the database Catalogue of Life which (complemented by other databases) which holds data of around 1.5 million species. The bot genrates about 5000 new articles per day and has generated just under 400 000 of the sv:wps million and continues...

The guy who runs he bot is a member of the Swedish chapters board and is in his civil life a University teacher. In this capacity he is also a guest lecturer at the university of the Phillipines where he stayed the last couple of months (and the bot was on hold). He is there active in Cebuano-Wikipedia and supporting their local community, and he is now running his bot on their wikipedia as well as on the Warai-Warai Wikipedia So perhaps at the end of the year these two language versions will also pass the 1 million mark!

PS out other major botgenerating effort of all lakes in Sweden is also making very nice progress, done 25% of all DS

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