In the beginning there were a mass of article created manually that was substandard and which today would not be accepted as proper articles

A little later (several year ago now) a mass of articles were botgenerated that were substandard and could not be seen as proper wp:articles

We have since long learned how to write good articles created by our editors.

We are just now, on a few wikiepdiaverisons, learning how to create good articles by bots, that give both facts, content, context and knowledge (also using the new new valuable tool Wikidata which is a good component but not all that is needed)

I am proud to be active in one of these versions mastering this new intellectual challenge, of huge value in providing free knowledge for all.

And as shown earlier we have learned that this actually helps recruting and keeping editors


Hubertl skrev 2013-06-17 12:09:
Payin´ peanuts, gettin´ monkeys

Servin´ facts, gettin´ idiots.

An unmanageable, not maintainable mass of articles is the best way to breed idiots. Because facts do not create knowledge.

If that is our goal, then automatically created Wikipedias ar the best way to solve one of our biggest problems, namely the permanent loss of authors.

Maybe it is completely sufficient if you know that somewhere facts are stored in a most possible stupid form.

I started more than fifty years ago learning about facts, facts without understanding. But nine years ago I startet to learn something about knowledge, understanding and correlations.

Why do not you need people like me? If we have bots now?

Do we want to make ourselves more important with impressive numbers?


The german language Wikipedia has no single article that was generated by a bot. I'm proud of it. If this would take place in de:WP, many people will leave this project. With certainty.

Anyway, that does not matter, a bot is probably much better for monkeys!

Am 16.06.2013 14:51, schrieb Nurunnaby Chowdhury:
Congratulations swedish wikipedians!!!!

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On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 6:46 PM, Liam Wyatt <> wrote:

grattis mina kompisar!
*Jag känner en bott, hon heter Lsjbot, Lsjbot heter hon...*

It looks like Polish will be the next to hit the symbolic number:
Peace, love & metadata

On 16 June 2013 22:39, Tonmoy Khan <> wrote:


On Jun 16, 2013 6:30 PM, "Patricio Lorente" <>

Congratulations to the swedish wikipedians!

2013/6/16 Anders Wennersten <>:
Yesterday sv:wp reached 1 M articles. The one who did the passing
was a
generated article of a butterfly

The bot behind this article is Lsjbot who creates articles from the
Catalogue of Life which
(complemented by other databases) which holds data of around 1.5
species. The bot genrates about 5000 new articles per day and has
just under 400 000 of the sv:wps million and continues...

The guy who runs he bot is a member of the Swedish chapters board and
in his
civil life a University teacher. In this capacity he is also a guest
lecturer at the university of the Phillipines where he stayed the
couple of months (and the bot was on hold). He is there active in
Cebuano-Wikipedia and
their local community, and he is now running his bot on their
well as on the Warai-Warai Wikipedia So perhaps at the
of the
year these two language versions will also pass the 1 million mark!

PS out other major botgenerating effort of all lakes in Sweden is
making very nice progress, done 25% of all DS

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