On 4 February 2014 11:21, Fæ <fae...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 4 February 2014 15:54, Risker <risker...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >> Risker, out of interest, considering my long track record of useful
> >> bot-work on Commons, would you support my proposal to let Faebot do
> >> some sensible non-controversial work on en.wp or do you think I am a
> >> danger to Wikimedia?
> >>
> >> I'd defer to the opinion of the Bot Approval Group, Fae.  Bots have done
> > (and continue to do) extremely useful work on English Wikipedia. They've
> > also been involved with some difficult-to-fix harm (usually
> unintentional,
> > by poor programming or without understanding of underlying content
> issues),
> > and unfortunately there has been a pattern of a handful of bot owners not
> > cleaning up those sorts of problems.  This has resulted in the bar being
> > raised for everyone.
> >
> > The issue of bot article creation is one that will vary widely from
> project
> > to project depending on the culture and philosophy of the community. If
> we
> > think a bit, we're all likely to come up with a project or two that
> > expanded rapidly with the use of bots, only to find that the content
> added
> > had to be removed because it didn't meet copyright requirements or was of
> > very poor quality.  On the other hand, we've also seen brilliant
> successes.
> > And yes, there was some fairly significant early expansion of English
> > Wikipedia through bot article creation.  Some of those articles have
> barely
> > been touched since - except by other bots.
> >
> > Risker
> I take that as a no.

That's unfortunate, Fae. It's meant to say "I don't have the knowledge to
analyse whether or not your bot works, so I would defer to those who do." I
don't think I'm qualified to figure out whether or not your bots, or anyone
else's bots, should be operating on Wikipedia.

I'd have the same answer to a developer who wanted me to review code, or an
engineer who wanted me to look at his designs for an internal combustion
engine.  It's just knowledge outside of my scope.

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