@Anders: I seem to have unintentionally derailed your excellent
thread.   My apologies; I've taken responses to that subthread
offline.  To return to your main point: we do need  'A strategy for
semi-automated article generation; and inclusion of Wikidata'.

Anders Wennersten writes:
< [we] will not be able to achieve our goal without... technical expertise
< (like knowledge in Lua, how to write datainterface to external dataproviders)

And it is important to attract and expand this sort of expertise.  Not
only through local chapter support but through collaboration across
different project-communities, as you say.

@Gerard: I second your vision for Wikidata.  It is a natural place to
cultivate tools for large-scale creation and enhancement of
information.  And for now it seems open to experimentation, being
bold, trying and reverting things.

> Wikidata is a wiki. You indicate that the official sources
> need work. Wikidata is a good place to work on this.

+1 !


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