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> > On 04/21/2014 12:07 PM, Nathan wrote:
> > > Of the 120 staffers that don't have a "staff account", how many have
> > > accounts with (WMF) in the username - or accounts at all?
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> > I honestly do not know the numbers, though I'd wager "most" is close to
> > reality - certainly any recent addition to the teams.
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> Ah, interesting. I wonder why its necessary for most or all WMF staffers to
> have accounts with an explicit WMF affiliation.

Aye, given the nature of our work the vast majority of staff have a staff
account of some sort (not everyone uses separate accounts though we
strongly encourage them to). In the end almost everyone on staff has a
reason, at some point, to edit on a public wiki whether they are HR/Finance
( discussions or postings about FDC proposals/budget publications etc) or
technical/community/grant focused. For many that need actually tends to
lean towards meta and/or mediawiki only though a fair bit stretch elsewhere
on the projects ( engineering and community people especially ).

Philippe and I have worked hard to try and make the 'staff' user group as
it traditionally stands a very 'as needed' right and so the default is now
to give out no rights or "smaller", more focused, rights (meta admin,
central notice admin, global interface editor etc) that fit their need. (
we ask for a use case for every rights request, you can see most of them
rights aren't on there because they are generally handled by

Overall we don't actually require separate accounts at the moment but I
strongly encourage them, I think it behooves everyone to have a clear
distinction between 'personal' and 'work' actions and the separate accounts
help that significantly. I also think it helps in locking down access if
they depart the foundation at some point.


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