On 21 Apr 2014, at 19:35, James Alexander <jalexan...@wikimedia.org> wrote:

> Right now it's on a google doc because it is a public view of the tracking
> spreadsheet Philippe and I use (which includes staff whose rights requests
> were denied or removed as well as some contact info and additional tracking
> (for example for the formal "staff rights" themselves we give training on
> what kind of approvals are needed for certain actions and record when that
> was done) and so gets automatically updated as I update that. I originally
> did it on a private wiki (I have a strong preference for wiki of some sort
> vs google docs personally)  but the spreadsheet has just tended to be a
> significantly easier tool for tracking and updating. I wouldn't want to
> duplicate it on wiki unless we put my whole process there (otherwise it is
> significantly more likely to get out of date) and to do that would require
> some additional discussion and thinking.

OK, fair enough. It would be nice to see the entire process take place 
transparently on meta, if possible.

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