Hi all,

I've started a page on Meta which I hope will act as a hub for
documentation and ideas around the training and development needs of
Wikimedia movement organisations:


I'd ask anyone who's interested in this kind of thing to have a look and
add examples and thoughts for the future.

As many people will know from my contributions to this year's and last
year's Wikimedia conference, or from the training workshop we held in
London in early March, this is an issue where I feel the movement (or, at
least, the part of the movement that is involved in movement
organisations!) can and should do better.

I was interested to read the Signpost coverage of the Wikimedia
Conference(1) which evidently comes from a similar point of view!

We are slightly hampered by the fact that there is no single body
responsible for doing this kind of training and development work, so I
would invite everyone with a stake in this (WMF, FDC, AffCom, Chapters,
Thorgs, User Groups, interested individuals) to treat this as something
where everyone can play a role in sharing experience, scoping out the way
forward, and building a better way of doing this for the future!



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