You might be interested in look at projects like and other "subset wikis".  When I worked
at One Laptop per Child we distributed a offline Wikipedia slice along
with the XO-1 laptops to many schools and children.  We were in fact
careful to curate our offline article/image slice to avoid
gratuitously inappropriate content.  We felt this to be an appropriate
thing for OLPC to do, for its audience, *not* something we expected
upstream Wikipedia to do.  There are many differences between a
"Children's Encyclopedia" and Britannica!  OLPC did not censor links
in any way, so a laptop connected to the internet could see and follow
links to any article/image on Wikipedia (not just articles/images in
our curated offline subset).  Often schools deployed their own
content-filtering firewalls on their network connections.  We felt
this was a matter best implemented and managed by the school, with
their own local community standards.

Erik and I were spitballing wiki ideas last week, and one of the
things we discussed was ways to make it easier for third parties to
curate wikipedia subsets, as OLPC and the schools project did.  It is
certainly already possible, but it could be made easier.   If you are
interested in making a "child friendly wikipedia", that is certainly
one way to go at it, and the ground is well trod.


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