I just want to chime in here that I really enjoyed reading Molly and
John's recent posts in this thread. Simply fantastic posts.

I also loved posts from Thomas, Erik, and Milos in other threads from
the past day. I think this month of wikimedia-l has made me more
appreciative of some of the wonderful people in the Wikimedia movement and
I'm grateful for that.

And for anyone feeling discouraged about where we are right now, you need
only consult <https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimedia-l/> for
memories of bumpy times past that ultimately turned out pretty great. (I
got curious the other evening... check out June 2007 for Florence's
announcement of Sue's arrival to the Wikimedia Foundation and November
2007 and December 2007 for her transition to Executive Director. It's
pretty good reading and it made me feel a bit better.)


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