2014-10-21 3:40 GMT+02:00 Asaf Bartov <abar...@wikimedia.org>:
> Neither I nor WMF are trying to exert undue control over this process;
> rather, I am moving this forward in good faith and relying on other people
> to be equally bold in editing (or reverting!) anything I've stated there.
> Looking forward to making this the most productive WMCON[1] ever! :)


> [1] I remain entirely uninterested in what this event gets called.  Feel
> free to advocate for calling it The Great Platypus Appreciation Society
> Gathering of 2015 or anything else, here:
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wikimedia_Conference_2015

Speaking of appreciation, thank you Asaf and Ad for caring about this.


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