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Over the last few years the Foundation has decisively moved away from allowing local chapters to take part in the on-screen fundraiser, preferring to centralise the work in spite of the loss of the available local tax reliefs (such as Gift Aid in the UK). Many chapters, including the UK, would have liked to have been part of the fundraiser, but the previous ED, Sue Gardner, determined that that would not be permitted. WMUK regretted that decision, and we responded to it here: https://wikimedia.org.uk/wiki/Open_letter_to_Sue_Gardner.

I wonder if Sue Gardner has worked more on anything than centralizing the Wikimedia movement by various means and curtailing chapter growth and capacity. I also wonder if she was mandated to do that by the board or if she just implemented her own views.
From this message of Ting Chen, it seems that it was her own will :-(

"As some of you may remember that the years 2010 to 2012 [when he was chair of the Wikimedia Foundation] were especially difficult years in relationship between the Foundation and the chapters. The Foundation experimented a few approaches and changed again and again its direction. And the discussion about how to distribute the funds raised on our projects had repeatedly kindled, sometimes very violent confrontations. On one of the board meetings earlier of 2011 Sue said to the board that she never considered this confrontation as a question of who wins. She wanted a good and sound solution for the problems that are out there. After the Haifa Wikimania the discussion became even hotter and sometimes it really felt insulting. I always considered myself as a person who is very ballanced and who can keep his tempel, but at that point I must say that I was very unnerved by the dispute. We had our board meeting in San Francisco and after that Sue asked me to stay for a few days to give a speech on the All Hands Meeting of the staff. So one evening we went out for a dinner together and naturally, the discussion came back to the fund raising and fund dissemination topic. And I asked Sue with a sigh:"Do you still think that it is not about who wins?" And she said:"Yes, of cause not." "

Ting Chen seems to have believed her :-(

Mathias Damour
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