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> Pinging Quim in case he can give us some demographics of Wikimedia's
> volunteer tech pool and whether he thinks it might be possible to find an
> engineering executive in that pool.

I'm not sure which demographics we should look at. While we have data about
technical contributions, they won't tell us much about the skills required
to perform well in an engineering executive role. I think that if there
would be a good candidate for a VP of Engineering in our community, they
wouldn't have been unnoticed (but I might be wrong). If anything, we could
improve our communication about open positions to reach likely targets in
our community and our readership, but I have no idea how this could be
done; it's not an easy task.

Most importantly, I think the main point of this discussion is this answer
in the FAQ:

> Our priority will continue to be filling the CTO role. Once we have
> identified a CTO we’ll revisit the role of VPE, to ensure that the new
> CTO’s perspective is taken into consideration.

Do you know a Wikimedia contributor that could become a good CTO? Is our
future CTO editing articles, writing bots or reviewing code in Gerrit,
unaware that this job hunt is happening? Ask them to apply!

Quim Gil
Engineering Community Manager @ Wikimedia Foundation
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