Anders, I don't think I'm underestimating the competence we have in this
community. I'm wondering which demographics we should look at in order to
detect potential candidates for engineering executives (replying to Pine's
ping). I'm also suggesting that improving the communication of our open
positions with our communities is probably the way to go because I think
potential candidates do exist, although finding a good CTO is more complex
than finding a good JavaScript developer (although, wait..)  ;)

Pine, for what is worth, in almost every Google Summer of Code / Outreachy
round we have ended up recruiting a volunteer. Several WMF teams offer
internships, some of them filled with Wikimedia volunteers. A percentage of
new hires comes from our communities (I don't have data but I do read the
announcements). I'm sure more can be done, and I'm sure implementable
solutions are welcome. But back to this thread, one thing is to help
volunteers to develop skills and experience to apply for junior positions,
and another thing is to do... what? to ease the search of potential
executives within our communities.

I don't want to argue, I just want to know what can the Engineering
Community team realistically do to connect better our technical volunteers
with our technical job openings. I'm sure HR welcomes feedback about
implementable improvements as well. They want to find best candidates
anywhere, and they know that Wikimedia itself is a good pool. But we cannot
hire the candidates that don't find us or that we cannot find... Which
brings us back to the need to formulate practical solutions.

On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 3:14 PM, Pine W <> wrote:

> Another thought: perhaps more investment could be made in providing career
> development support for our volunteers of all kinds. It's relatively common
> in the United States for organizations with lots of volunteers to put some
> investment explicitly into helping the volunteers develop skills snd
> experience that are useful for both their voluntary and paid work CVs. If
> more of that kind of investment was made by WMF, volunteering would be more
> attractive *and* WMF would benefit by having more ability to fill paid
> positions from the ranks of volunteers.
> Pine
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