Craig - are you volunteering to "lovingly handcraft" the Waray encyclopedia
article by article?

Suggesting people go use Wikidata seems crazy. How will Waray speakers even
know that Wikidata exists? How will they know how to manipulate the
interface? More readable information available in the language they speak
seems a clear net gain, regardless of whether the information meets some
imaginary Platonic ideal of an encyclopedia.

Before Wikipedia, the time honored, if slow, way of building an
encyclopedia was for paid experts to lovingly handcraft each entry under
the supervision of paid publishing staff. The reins of tradition, custom
and nostalgia should have little power to retard progress in our community.

On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 6:21 AM, Craig Franklin <>
I believe the time honoured, if slower
way of creating a Wikipedia, lovingly handcrafting it article by article,
is far more likely to lead to a positive impact for people.
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