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> 1. Will the friendly-space "expectations" (policy?) for grants spaces on
> Meta be proposed as an RfC on Meta? The documentation on the rollout plan
> doesn't mention and RfC. My understanding is that the right way to
> implement a policy change like this on Meta is for it to go through an open
> and transparent RfC process, and that the implementation decision is
> ultimately the community's to make. The experience would inform further
> discussions about (1) a project-wide friendly space policy on Meta, and (2)
> a wider consultation on a friendly space amendment to the ToS that the WMF
> Board may eventually ratify.

I don't see any reason why an RFC would be required (or appropriate) here.
The grantmaking process is a WMF function, and the associated pages on meta
are managed by the WMF grantmaking team; they are free to impose
requirements (such as compliance with a friendly space standard) on anyone
participating in that process (whether as an applicant or as a commenter or

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