Strongly seconded.

This makes copyedits and typo correction - the first step of editing - 15
seconds rather than 150.
(It could be much faster still if the edit summary process weren't so
elaborate :)  just let anyone doubleclick to edit a single word, and
autosave it as a minor edit without asking...)

The joy of seeing citations autocomplete is immediate and lasting.

In my experience, the main problem with using VE for everything is still
the inability to sign talk page comments!  That's very confusing even for
me when I have to switch b/t editors.

(helping run another editathon for chemists at the upcoming American
Chemical Society's 250th anniversary :)

On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 8:00 AM, David Gerard <> wrote:

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> From: WereSpielChequers <>
> Date: 30 July 2015 at 12:57
> Subject: [Wikimediauk-l] visual Editor is now worth using in outreach
> editathons
> To:
> If anyone is still running outreach editathons to try and recruit new
> editors, you might want to consider using visual editor. I spoke to
> some of the WMF people at Wikimania and apparently the issue of it
> running very very slowly on old kit has recently been largely
> addressed. I've pointed out in the past that as long as that bug was a
> "won't fix" you couldn't promote Visual Editor at outreach editathons
> because even if all the laptops look pretty new, there could well be
> someone present using a borrowed laptop and intending to use an old PC
> at home. Since we really can't start an editathon asking the attendees
> if they all use new computers at home, and then reverting to the
> classic editor if someone says their machine was bought in 2010 I and
> several others have been ignoring the Visual Editor for the last
> couple of years.
> I have just run a quick test on this myself using a friend's old PC
> and V/E does now work, though it is still a little slower than the
> classic editor.
> Regards
> Jonathan / WereSpielChequers
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