With regard to uploads from mobiles, there have been several positive
discussions on the Commons village pump when mobile applications
encouraged uploads.[1]

It is still the case that the significant majority of images uploaded
from mobile platforms have to be deleted as either out of scope (like
bad blurry selfies) or obvious copyright violations. We even have some
bot-categorization of deletions quietly going on to keep a running
track of it, and several past experiments to find ways of managing
copyvios automatically, shortly after they appear in recent

As tablets with good cameras and more sophisticated mobiles are used
to do more stuff on Wikimedia projects, the trend is improving, but
the design challenge remains that mobile apps to which make upload
easier need to also encourage upload 'qualification' to reduce the
burden on volunteer administrators to do endless housekeeping, and
mobile users need coaching/coaxing to consider copyright and
educational value before launching their selfies and lolcats on
Commons. :-)

1. Sample past VP discussion:


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