On 13 August 2015 at 06:51, Lucas Teles <> wrote:

> How would superprotect be used in a legal situation and how would that be
> different from any other way that community and WMF have found to deal with
> that without the tool in the past? Can somebody provide a hyphotethical
> example please?
> Is WMF willing to discuss with community how superprotect should be used?

‚ÄčIn my personal opinion, answer to ‚Äčall your question is "No".
Superprotect is a part of OA (Office Action:

(No, I am not endorsing the use of SuperProtect), I think WMF has kept it
as a tool of OA (OfficeAction) to handle some of the most complicated
situation which often lead to problematic legal issues.
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