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> Hoi,
> Theoretically you are right, you COULD restart the process for a next year.
> That is quite a professional attitude. Ask yourself, is that the kind of
> effort you can ask of volunteers.. Be reasonable. It is too much effort for
> what benefit ?
> Thanks,
>       GerardM
​Its not something you ask volunteers to do as such, its something that the
volunteers choose to do.  You go into it being optimistic of your chances
otherwise you wouldnt even be there knowing that its a fair transparent
selection process negates much of disappointment in missing out.

 Yes you can take what you've learnt and try again later, since 2008 Perth
& 2009 Brisbane bids it was very apparent that costs were an issue this
further compounded by the A$ being worth more than the US$, in the last 6
months that changed dramatically some of the underlying factors that added
to costs have also shifted. Accommodation is readily available, airfares
are down because the boom that triggered all of that is over supply is high
and demand is falling which means  Australia has a window of opportunity a
fix 3 year cycle remember that in fairness its doubtful that a region will
see two consecutive Wikimanias even at 3 years apart on rotation thats a 15
year cycle between opportunities for each supposed region yet North America
and Western Europe have a guaranteed opportunity every three years, you
dont build capacity, capabilities or create incentives when the cycle is
one opportunity in 15 years. Theres absolutely no ability to factor in once
off circumstances without cause more disharmony

Ultimately that core of local community volunteers on the ground willingly
engaged in the Event planning from the beginning is a critical factor that
this shift is over looking, its something that someone sitting in an office
in San Francisco can never replicate.

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