I believe we all know now by now that the Committee regrets the  delay in
posting a recommendation about the process change for venues/hosts for
Wikimania.   There was no intention to blindside anyone or to not seek
input from the community.   We should have updated the bid timeline to
reflect that things were being discussed and might be possibly changed. (I
was also wanting more time to investigate whether the idea of Montreal for
a 2017 venue could become a reality e.g., meeting space, prices, hotels,
etc confirmed, etc.)

I have reached out to the Perth bid, and also to Josh Lim about a bid from
the Philippines (although it wasn't listed) about the future and to offer
whatever support they need.    If anyone else is thinking about hosting a
future Wikimania, I would like to strongly encourage you to get in touch
directly with me before starting.    We are not happy about wasting any
volunteer time.   I have worked closely with recent groups in preparing
their proposals and it was worked well-- saving time and effort on both

In the near future I will be working with the Foundation and the Steering
Committee to support development of a clearer process going forward.  Siko
has outlined some of that in her posting.   And as Richard has said below,
I am usually very prompt in responding, but I also have a lot on my plate
right now that are taking precedent-- like the financial reporting from the
past two Wikimanias to attend to, survey results,  preparing for a site
visit to Montreal (and I am part-time).

I look forward to working with everyone in the coming months and years on
 improving the conference and meeting the community needs.

Keep those cards and letters coming!


Ellie Young
Events Manager
Wikimedia Foundation

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> Yaroslav,
> To be fair to Ellie (and speaking as an outsider), she is extremely busy
> and usually answers direct emails quite quickly, but doesn't usually get
> involved in big community discussion threads on mailing lists because she
> spends a lot of her time travelling (and thus, I suspect,using a mobile
> device).
> Richard Symonds
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> On 6 October 2015 at 15:21, Yaroslav M. Blanter <pute...@mccme.ru> wrote:
> > On 2015-10-06 06:25, Gnangarra wrote:
> >
> >> This has been going on for three days, yet not one person involved in
> this
> >> decision has take a moment to reachout personally to the people who
> worked
> >> on bids, They have tabled justifications on list discussions, they have
> >> changed the status of Meta pages but not once have they given anyone the
> >> courtesy of owning the mistakes that have caused this, not even the WMF
> >> has
> >> made any personal attempt to help reconcile the damage at a more
> personal
> >> level..
> >>
> >>
> > To be honest, I can not recollect a single instance WMF people ever
> > apologized to the community for any decision, even when it was
> immediately
> > clear that they screwed up badly (like removing admin rights on WMF Wiki
> > etc). I do not expect it this time. I do not see Elly Young in any of the
> > Wikimania threads.
> >
> > Cheers
> > Yaroslav
> >
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