Thanks for following up.

Regarding the topline number: given the issues that happened with the
2015-2016 WMF annual plan, I am wondering if WMF Finance can start planning
early for 2016-2017 around with the following goals. These are some
brainstorms, other people may want to add their own suggestions.

* Zero topline budget growth
* 3 percent reduction in recurring non-labor costs such as energy and
* 10 percent increase in the value of major gifts and in kind donations
(thus reducing pressure on the online fundraising)
* 5 percent increase in the combined budgets for grants to be disbursed to
individuals and affiliates
* 5 percent reduction in travel costs
* 10 percent average monthly increase in global readership
* 10 percent increase in total active editors
* 5 percent increase in the quantity of content (measured in bytes)
* 10 percent increase in the number of educational organizations in WEP
* 10 percent increase in the number of people who are registered members of

Further thoughts and comments welcome. We can move this discussion to Meta
if more than a handful of budget and governance geeks are interested. (:

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