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> So, we have drilled down on this more in our research to better
> understand what our readers think on this topic.  We should have more to
> share on that in a week or two.

What readers think about this topic will very much depend on what
information they have been given.

You need to find out what readers think who know

1. the cost of Internet hosting relative to the total budget (about 3
2. that you took five times as much money last year as you took five years
3. how much money the Foundation has in cash and investments;
4. that the number of paid staff has increased more than twentyfold since
5. how the vastly increased spending is affecting reader experience.

Do you know what readers who know all of this think about the banners? Have
there been focus groups with donors who were given all of this information?

This is necessary to make sure that when (not if) readers do find all of
this information out, there won't be a storm of protest from people who
feel they were misled as to the Foundation's financial situation.
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