Maybe it is time to reconsider some of our standard metrics for wiki loves 

One of the big gains in several countries has been to get a list of monuments 
into Wikipedia maybe in future direct into wikidata. I think that the standard 
metrics should reflect that, OK it is metadata, but our metrics should put more 
value on the metadata we achieve.

Sometimes wiki loves monuments gives us lots more images of something we 
already have reasonable pictures of. Sometimes it gives us images of notable 
monuments that we don't yet have articles about. Or it gives us interior shots 
of a building that already have a featured photo of the exterior.

I suggest we think of three metrics here:
How many monuments have we gone from no images to images?
How many monuments do we have better quality images for?
How many monuments do we have images for more of their features?

Number of images used is an over hasty metric, perhaps five years after the 
contest we could measure this and get a very different statistic. Sometimes we 
need much more patience to see how wikipedians will use materials over time. 
This is likely to be especially true in countries where we don't currently have 
much coverage in terms of articles.

Another way to tell the story is to give us examples of gaps that we have 
filled. For example, the article on ******* church explained that it was listed 
as a national monument because of the quality of the frescos inside it, as a 
result of WLM we now have photos of those frescos available for the article.

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> I see a lot of good results and contributions here and as pointed by Ilario, 
> we reached great part of our measures of success 
> WLM 2015
> - 4.453 photos
> - 411 uploaders
> - 325 new users registered on commons 
> WLM 2014+2015
> - 20 095 photos
> - 2866 uploaders
> - 2727 new users registered on commons
> Only to complete, the first place on WLE 2014 was elected the second place on 
> the WLE 2014 International and that same picture was selected in 7# place 
> during the picture of the year on commons.
> Now in 2015 we have more pictures selected in the WLE international contest.
> Including all the media coverage and all impact on social media, for a small 
> User Group approved in 2015, it's huge!!!
> Rodrigo Padula
> Coordenador de Projetos
> Grupo Wikimedia Brasileiro de Educação e Pesquisa
> 21 99326-0558
> ---- Em Sáb, 31 Out 2015 15:43:49 -0200 Ilario 
> Valdelli&lt;; escreveu ---- 
> Again, and again.
> "Success for whom"?
> The section "measure of success" reports:
> at least 400 participants uploading one photograph or more;
> at least 5,000 photos uploaded;
> at least 15% of photos used on Wikipedia;
> at least 50% of new users engagement during the contest;
> at least 10 new articles about natural heritage sites in Brasil;
> at least 10% of new user retention after 2 months of the contest.
> Rodrigo reports:
> Pictures uploaded: 4.443
> Uploaders: 411
> New users registered on Commons: 325
> New users engagement: 79%
> Pictures user on Wikipedia: 86 (2%)
> Are the goals reached? Basically yes. When the project has been financed 
> it was clear that the definition "success" was based on those measures.
> There is no success for a specific person on an individual and personal 
> criteria.
> The user group of Brazil has not asked nothing special, this is a normal 
> budget for any WLM or WLE in several countries.

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