Denny, regarding "I am regularly
being told off with the false claim that my seat was bought by my employer
- Google", I've never seen that absurd claim and certainly haven't made it
myself. In a comment at The Signpost and here I've asserted that you have a
fatal conflict of interest, being on the payroll of Google.

Do you recuse from any board discussions and decisions that might, broadly
construed, affect Google commercially?

Anthony Cole

On Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 7:03 AM, Robert Fernandez <>

> I understand the situation that Denny, Dariusz, Patricio, et al are in and
> I appreciate their attempts to address this issue.  As a new member of the
> Arbitration Committee on the English Wikipedia, I've discovered that there
> is a great deal of anger about some of our decisions, and it is frustrating
> when we cannot release the information that shows that those decisions are
> clearly justified.  So sometimes we have to say "trust us".  Perhaps this
> is the situation here.  Perhaps there is something James did, or perhaps
> the clash of personalities was too much.  So they may have to do the same
> here and say "trust us"
> However, for the community to have that trust, there has to be
> accountability and transparency in other areas.  Members of the Arbitration
> Committee are known to the community and voted in by them, while most
> members of the Board are not accountable to the community in any way.  The
> Committee does as much as it can transparently and is as forthcoming as it
> can be with public deliberations.  The Board and the Foundation are not
> sufficiently transparent about things like the Knowledge Engine, and don't
> have a great track record with things like Superprotect.  There are also
> concerns that Silicon Valley and the technology sector are over-represented
> on the board, while much of what the community and the Foundation
> supposedly represent  - the entire world as opposed to the Global North,
> the open source community, cultural and knowledge institutions that work
> with GLAM, academia - are barely or not represented at all.  So when you
> say "trust us", and you haven't addressed those issues, it's difficult to
> just accept what vague assurances are provided about this matter.
> Gamaliel
> (speaking for myself only and not the Arbitration Committee)
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