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> Thanks for talking about it Dariusz.
> Could you please make a serious declaration of interests as is being
> discussed at [1]. This will help set a ethical model for the rest of
> the WMF board to follow without needing a year to think about it. If
> you want to check some best practice examples of meaningful and frank
> declarations, take a look at WMUK's.[2]

I have no problem with that. You've provided links from WMUK, so until
there is something similar for WMF, I don't think we can expect all Board
members to make declarations (but I also think it would be a good practice
to develop a similar model for WMF board, just observing that I don't know
of one yet; I will ask).

I terms of shares, I am a major shareholder in Druid Multimedia sp. z o. o.
(Polish abbreviation for LLC), which developed the largest online
dictionary in Poland. If there are any discussions related to Wiktionary or
other dictionary services (e.g. within Wikidata)  and the dictionary is
still published by the company, I am going to recuse myself. I also own a
significant number of shares in Insta.Ling sp. z o. o., which is a startup
oriented at online flashcard language acquisition (currently with about
50,000 users in Poland and Germany). If there is ever a language
acquisition project discussed, and I'm still in, I'm going to recuse

I've also had a number of academic affiliations, but these can hardly be
considered a potential COI, I think.

I'm glad the conversation is back to more civilized - I have to admit that
I don't quite enjoy being called a clown (while I have a healthy respect
and awe for clowns, and I don't consider myself to be suffering from



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