Yury Bulka wrote:
>MZMcBride <z...@mzmcbride.com> writes:
>> A few years ago, the Wikimedia Foundation switched over to the Google
>>Apps platform, which means that most e-mail sent on the wikimedia.org
>>domain is now hosted by Google.
>Are you sure? It doesn't look like wikimedia.org's MX point to google's
>servers: https://starttls.info/check/wikimedia.org

Yes, the Wikimedia Foundation switched to Google Apps around October 2010.

My understanding is that the MX records show where the mail goes
initially, before being re-routed to either Google Apps for most staff,
contractors, et al.; to OTRS if it's a particular set of addresses; or
elsewhere as needed. If you'd like more detail, we can start a new thread.

Careful readers will note that the timeline of the Wikimedia Foundation's
Annual Plan 2016-17 is living at docs.google.com, not meta.wikimedia.org.


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