Maggie Dennis <> wrote:

> In the time I've worked at the Wikimedia Foundation, I have
> (unsurprisingly, given its reported prevalence) come across this kind of
> harassment in my work with Support and Safety (formerly Community
> Advocacy). There have been cases where perfectly harmless pictures of the
> individuals have been doctored to be sexualized and cases where existing
> pornographic pictures that were not the individual were selected and
> misattributed as being them. I have personally been involved in complaints
> of this happening to both men and women.

> […]

That was not asked and reported by the Harassment Survey,
though.  Question #6 as per

| How many times have you experienced incidents like the ones
| described below while working on any of the Wikimedia
| projects?

| […]

| - Sexually explicit or sexualised photos of me have been
|   published without my consent

| […]

Even subsuming the second alternative as "revenge porn" is
very problematic as in the public perception and that of the
courts it is a breach of the implicit confidentiality under
which (real) images were originally produced.


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