2016-02-10 6:06 GMT+01:00 Samuel Klein <meta...@gmail.com>:

> FUDCons

Also it is hard to compare Wikimanias with FUDCons as it is
a) much  smaller (usually bo more than 200 attendees)
b) divided by regions - for example in 2015 there were 3 FUDCons
(Argentina, India, Spain) and 2 Flocks (NY and Kraków) -  so they are
rather like our Iberecop or CEE meetings than the global conferences.

And also Fedora developers have many potential sources of external funding
- mainly from IT companies which uses free software and want to apply for
their specific needs and for whom they quite often work.

But anyway, Fedora offers scholarships for attendees, see:


Tomek "Polimerek" Ganicz
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