It's all very well to assume that certain demographics are wealthy. But it is simply a stereotype. Wikipedians I know personally from the "privileged" demographics vary from those who are well off through to those who are saddled with substantial debt and zero income.

But really the question is, given the funds available, and the benefits that accrue, why there should be such a limited WMF spend on Wikimania (and/or other gatherings). It is one of the few discretionary spends that we know from stories like Doc James' has a huge impact.

On 10/02/2016 16:27, Béria Lima wrote:
And I for one agree with the new policy. The effort made by a European (or American, or Canadian) to travel to a Wikimania, is something like one month of salary. For a woman from the same place will probably be 2 months (pay gap at its finest!) and for a Latino, African, or Asiatic the effort starts at 6 months and go on to even a decade*[4]* (A full decade of your salary to go to Wikimania).

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