On 2016-02-18 21:20, Leila Zia wrote:
Hi Dariusz,

I want to share with you the following relatively scattered thoughts and leave it to you to decide how to continue engaging with us. :-) I hope you
find them helpful:

* BoT has been too silent, given the state of matters. I'm much more
worried about our volunteers when I say this, than the WMF's staff (which
I'm one of).

To be honest, most volunteers do not care. We understand of course that if things would go really wrong, for example, servers stop running, or money runs out and ads are introduced, or English Wikipedia admins continue resigning/being desysopped without proper replacement, so that we have ten active admins, then we are in serious trouble. But as far as things are running quasi-normal, we just continue. I was making 50 to 100 edits per day five years ago, I am making 50 to 100 edits per day now, I will probably still be making 50 to 100 edits per day in five years, unless I die or leave because of a serious demotivation - and this demotivation is unlikely to be related to WMF. I think staff are way more vulnerable to all kinds of events.

* Because of the lack of clear communications by the BoT, I'm uncertain
whether there is an acknowledgement by the BoT about the issues we are
facing. What can assure me at the moment is to see a list of items the BoT
sees as problematic, and a plan for addressing them, and a schedule for
when we should expect seeing them addressed. (Half-jokingly: maybe we need a phabrictor board for the BoT to track specific tasks that can be shared
publicly and their prioritization).

This is a cool idea. It is a pity it has zero chances to be realized.


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