On 2016-02-21 14:03, Dan Andreescu wrote:

Allow me to give one specific limited example that touches on some of the themes you raised here, Yaroslav. My main point is that from the outside, correlation of what happened during Sue's and Lila's leadership might seem
to imply causation, but I think the reality is much more complicated.

Hi Dan,

I am not implying causation. It might (or might not) have been reasonable to imply causation if problems started during Sue's tenure and ended right after Lila started. This was certainly not the case. The situation is clearly more complex than that, and I am not accusing anyone, just give my impression (which seem in this part to coincide with the others').

I just feel that this part of the story is less visible to those who did not participate in it directly and needs to be spelled out.


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