On 2016-02-22 04:42, SarahSV wrote:

So from the start, it felt as though staffers had ruled out the community
as people who might know something about what tools are needed to
collaborate on an article (which is not the same as chatting). People who
had been doing something for years were not regarded as experts in that
thing by the Foundation.

We would say "we need pages," and they would explain why we didn't. We
would say "we need archives," and they would explain why good search was a better idea. We would say "there's too much white space," and they would
explain that people like white space. And so on.


Absolutely. This is absolutely what happened. At some point I had to state that if FLOW gets introduced on all talk pages I would stop using talk pages. I was replied that they are sorry but this is my choice.


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