This is wonderful,‎

I want a ED with following attributes:

1. Someone that is grounded in global politics ‎as it affects the operations of 
the movement. 
2. Some that has grown within the rank and file of the Wikimedia foundation .
3. ‎Someone that is strategic in implementation of policies 
4. Someone with foresight.
5. Someone that understand the dynamics of the movement, in term of different 
people, races, nationalities, ideas, believes and religions encompasses in 
wikimedia foundation.  
6. A global player in term of management of the diversity of the communities 
within the  Wikimedia Foundation. . 
7.Team player.
8. Someone that understand the impact of relationship between the BOT, staff of 
WMT and the community.
9. Peace maker and bold person. 
10. A creative minded ED 
11. Someone who has direct contact with the various communities.  
12. Someone which is not bias in term of taking decision.
13. Proactive

Olaniyan Olushola
Team Lead, WUGN
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What kind of ED would you like to see?

* Someone who knows how the wiki works or atleast has basic knowledge
on how to "edit" wikis.

* Someone who wants to work on "building" the encyclopaedia, not the
bureaucratic side which our last ED was more focused on.

* Someone willing to work on improving the wiki by working on ways of
creating and increasing our contributor base, we are seriously lacking
in that sector..

* Someone who is so transparent that we could see right through them,
secrecy is what got us in this mess in the first place.

* Someone willing to ensure that the board, the staff and the
community work in 'unison' instead of the former 2 dictating their
policies, views and choices onto the latter.

* Someone willing to take the hard stance and do what's right by the
community instead of allowing the Board and other staff members to
dictate the job for them..

* Someone who puts the Community first ALWAYS. (we do not want another
issue like 'super-protect' ever again)

That is what I would like our ED to be ...we need an "Executive
DIRECTor", not an "Executive FOLLOWer"

On 2/27/16, Greg Grossmeier <> wrote:
> <quote name="Yuri Astrakhan" date="2016-02-27" time="03:45:28 +0300">
>> Greg, agree 100%, but that's not how I understood the question and the
>> results of the staff survey. It seemed the staff expected the vision from
>> the ED/Management.
> I think you're misinterpreting.
> The agree/disagree statement was:
> "Senior leadership at Wikimedia have communicated a vision that
> motivates me" (7% agree)
> See also, this quote in glassdoor, quoted in the Signpost as well:
> "The Executive Director unveils a new strategy every three months or
> so."
> So, it's not that people wanted the vision solely from the
> ED/Management, it's that they wanted a not constantly changing one.
> This is getting off topic, however.
> The point is, a vision does not need to come from one person, which you
> agree with. A good vision comes from many people working together
> collaboratively. Then sticking with it to see it through. Consistency is
> needed in an ED.
> Greg
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