<quote name="Yuri Astrakhan" date="2016-02-27" time="03:45:28 +0300">
> Greg, agree 100%, but that's not how I understood the question and the
> results of the staff survey. It seemed the staff expected the vision from
> the ED/Management.

I think you're misinterpreting.

The agree/disagree statement was:
"Senior leadership at Wikimedia have communicated a vision that
motivates me"  (7% agree)


See also, this quote in glassdoor, quoted in the Signpost as well:
"The Executive Director unveils a new strategy every three months or

So, it's not that people wanted the vision solely from the
ED/Management, it's that they wanted a not constantly changing one.

This is getting off topic, however.

The point is, a vision does not need to come from one person, which you
agree with. A good vision comes from many people working together
collaboratively. Then sticking with it to see it through. Consistency is
needed in an ED.


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