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Removing a COI is not the only issue at stake Sarah.

Would WMF get involved into such a process, it would also possibly change
its legal reponsibility. Right now, WMF does not get involved in the
editorial process, which allows to claim WMF is only hosting the content.
If WMF is somewhat involved in an editorial process which results in
paying the authors, then WMF might lose the "host" status.


​Hi Flo, I've heard so many contradictory positions about that over the
years that I have no idea what the implications would be.

Moving away from the very complex issue of paid editing, Brion opened the
thread with different views of what a high-tech organization is, one of
which involves lack of diversity, overemphasis on engineering, and
exploitation of staff and users at the cost of their physical and emotional
health. He argued that the WMF should instead cultivate and support staff
and volunteers.

So what can we do to move the WMF away from the bad aspects of high-tech
organizations and toward a position where the health of the paid and unpaid
workforces is actively nurtured?

I had written a LONG email to tell the story of how "Wiki Loves Women" ended up NOT funded by Wikimedia Foundation (it is entirely funded and supported by partner Goethe Institute).

But in the end... I thought the whole story would bore people here. So let me toss two ideas

1) It would be nice that it be possible to ask for grants from WMF that would not fall in either of the 4 options, currently
- annual plan grants (for big official affiliates)
- PEG (for groups and individuals)
- individual grants
- travel grants

PEG is capped (roughly around 30.000 dollars apparently). So between PEG and affiliates... there is a big void.

2) It would be nice that WMF set up a system where it is officially supporting a project, even though it is not funding it with REAL cash (= it is easier to look for other funding organizations when WMF has already put a sort of "yeah great project" stamp on it.)


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