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> However, an editor (User:Smallbones) raised a concern on whether this is in 
> line with the spirit of Wikipedia which permit anyone to freely edit its 
> content at all levels. User:Smallbones said " An Editorial Review Board 
> sounds like a very interesting idea and could be fun. But actually I think it 
> could easily violate Wikipedia rules, such as forming some sort of exclusive 
> club that others couldn't join without an invitation. If it's just another 
> rating scheme (that anybody can participate in whenever they want)"

We already have several such "exclusive clubs". Just take a look at
the way some WikiProjects operate, or how some editors refer to
themselves as "content creators", and others not. Or how the "Featured
article candidates" process is run. Or how Arbcom members keep
inventing new "rules". Or the objections to admin nominations based on
nominees not having created FAs.

Andy Mabbett

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