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> Hi Mitar,
> ...
> First off:
> Please include your user name and the name of the article you were working
> on. Without any context it's impossible to help you. Thankfully I was able
> to dig and find the page, etc.

Brill Lyle, normally connecting real world identity with Wikipedia id
within wikipedia
is contrary to local ethos, but since Mitar links to his real page from
User page, it's ok in this case.

Mitar says.....
> Why introducing artificial scarcity?

You have been hit by crossfire in the long running Inclusionist vs.
Deletionist war.
Your rant is an excellent exposition of the Inclusionist position. When I
travel among
Random Articles I often wonder why they deleted AAA but they leave this
BBB. I guess
the explanation of that is the sprawling size of English WP, there too much
to curate
satisfactorily. Currently I'd say the Deletionists are winning.

I hope that doesn't discourage you from wikipedia. Also, consider
contributing to http://wikinfo.org  , concept is similar but the rules are
different, more willing to accept polemics and non-neutrality

]]] If you see something, say something. Snowden did. [[[
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