Geni stated: "As so many projects have learned so painfully in the
last decade the
English Wikipedia knows what they are doing."

Sorry, but that is not correct and Mitar's case is evidence of this.

Here we have an article on a cultural organization in Slovenia, which
a cursory glance of Google shows is notable, being deleted outright by
an admin who 1) does not speak Slovenian (and therefore unable to
check sources) and 2) who likely did not do the same cursory glance
that I did. is one awesome source
that is not only reliable but also establishes the so-called
importance of Poligon; i.e. "...the biggest artist run space in
Slovenia." is an encyclopedia project of the Slovenian Ministry of
Culture, devoted to the culture of Slovenia. If, which is
not editable by the public, has an article on an organization, then so
should Wikipedia.

On under "Enhance Wikipedia!
Reuse our content" (yes, it is CC licensed!) they state "Wikipedia in
English has over 3 million articles but not many of them are related
to culture in/from Slovenia."

This is, unfortunately, true. There is likely to be more articles on
Game of Thrones, than there is on Slovenian culture.

As to the article in question, it is possible that it needed a little
bit of cleanup; the solution in such instances would be put a
cleanup/notability tag on it, and fix issues through collaborative

If, at the whim of an admin, it was really required to be moved out of
mainspace it could have been moved to Draft namespace, or even user
space, with a note being left for the editor on their talk page.

This would be good practice, and it astounds me that after all the
words written both on the project and on this very list, no-one has
had the foresight to do one of the two above things for Mitar. Even
now, he is asking on IRC for someone to provide him with the text that
was deleted, and that request is being ignored.

Mitar, don't apologize for anything you have done on Wikipedia, or
said on this mailing list, as you have shed some light on how
Wikipedia fails on many levels with new editors.

Warm regards,

Ruslan Takayev

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