Thank you Carl. I will make sure to note re: real world identity going
forward. That was very helpful.

Agree Deletionists seem to be winning -- I've been told a contribution I
made was "too encyclopedic" for Wikipedia, among other nonsense. An entry
about a woman of course. Sometimes it's very absurd, and seems about
someone marking their territory than all of us working together to improve
the content.

It is a detriment to the community, as I know a lot of us adding content
are working really hard, are establishing notability, and using fully cited
information, etc. Really want to add content. But it's definitely not easy.
Blargh.... :-)

Mitar is not being specific about the entry and seems more into discussing
the process.

But for those newer editors needing help, please know that there is help
out there to get under-represented (but notable) entries and content onto
Wikipedia. There are a lot of initiatives and efforts to support that work.
A lot of us would like to make the encyclopedia representative of diverse
and culturally non-Western entities, to make it better, etc.

I also suspect people flock to editing Wikidata instead of Wikipedia
because maybe it's less contested?


- Erika

*Erika Herzog*
Wikipedia *User:BrillLyle <>*

On Sat, Jun 25, 2016 at 4:11 AM, carl hansen <>

> Brill Lyle, normally connecting real world identity with Wikipedia id
> within wikipedia
> is contrary to local ethos, but since Mitar links to his real page from
> User page, it's ok in this case.
> Mitar says.....
> >
> > Why introducing artificial scarcity?
> >
> You have been hit by crossfire in the long running Inclusionist vs.
> Deletionist war.
> Your rant is an excellent exposition of the Inclusionist position. When I
> travel among
> Random Articles I often wonder why they deleted AAA but they leave this
> BBB. I guess
> the explanation of that is the sprawling size of English WP, there too much
> to curate
> satisfactorily. Currently I'd say the Deletionists are winning.
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