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> In other words, although I am not disclosing all of information I
> have, mostly to protect privacy of some people,

Yes, this is a difficult line to walk. I have encountered this issue many
times in the Wikimedia world. In some cases, it simply means that public
discussion is not a useful tool for addressing the issue. I don't know
whether or not that is the case here, but it seems like a strong

> I am not cryptic at all.

Well, thank you for clarifying that point for us ;)

> It is just a matter of what's perceived as important to a Western and what
> to an Indian Wikimedian.
One must know what something is, before one can make a judgment about how
important it is. So no, I don't think that is what's at issue here.

Speaking for myself, I believe (and have always believed) that improving
the ability of disadvantaged populations to engage with the Wikimedia
projects is a top priority. I know the same is true of many others on this
list as well. I can tell from your messages that you are concerned about
something in that realm; but I don't get a clear enough picture of what
you're talking about to see how I can contribute to a discussion.

I can reassert the general point as I did above, so I guess I am
politically correct. And I can redouble my efforts as an individual and as
a business owner to educate, guide, mentor, and learn from/with those
around me. Beyond that, I'll leave this discussion to those who understand
what it's about.

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