On Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 1:05 PM, Gerard Meijssen
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> Hoi,
> A question that is very much under discussion is if presentations like
> these deserve a place at Wikidata. Given the subject and the relevancy of
> our current state of mind on subjects like these it makes perfect sense. We
> are already able to produce lists using the tools provided by Magnus to
> update when new talks of a conference or on a subject are present.
> What do we think? Are presentations like these notable? Are the
> presentations of Wikimania notable?

Context for Gerard's post is:

I believe it is highly off-topic wrt the subject of this thread about
Katherine's talk, which cant be compared with creating Wikidata items
about non-notable Wikimedians simply because they presented at

John Vandenberg

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