I want to close the chapter of this discussion related to
quantitative-qualitative criteria in order to call your attention to some
consequences of this new criteria for existing affiliates. I want to be
clear on this in order to avoid future missunderstandings.

Romaine said that it's desirable to have already recognized affiliates to
meet this criteria. Both AffCom and BoT want this, and it's would be unfair
to require this criteria only for groups that want to get the ThOrg and
Chapter status and at the same time to have a lesser average of work among
those that already are recognized as such. Consequently, *every ThOrg and
Chapter must comply with this criteria in order to get and keep affiliate
status. *The idea is keeping the affiliates moving forward and to avoid to
get them dormant.

This criteria will be checked out during the annual review that WMF staff
makes of Chapters and ThOrgs status (yes, the same that make you eligible
to go to WMCON in Berlin) in case an affiliate doesn't meet the
requirementes it will be reported to AffCom who will decide in every case
if a recomendation to Board of Trustees is needed.

*Possible questions:*

*Q1: My chapter/ThOrg exists since many years ago, could I loose my
recognition as chapter?*

*A1:* Yes, if you don't meet the criteria and you don't repair the
situation during some time after AffCom request, you can loose it.

*Q2: How can I do to avoid this?*

*A2:* Work hard, make activities, set goals and report. Ask for AffCom, WMF
or other affiliates help if is needed.

*Q3: But there are some chapters that have already many years without
activity and nothing had happened so far.*

*A3:* AffCom is already working on it.

If you have any other questions on that doesn't hesitate in doing it, I'm
sure Carlos will be happy of answer them :P


2016-08-22 22:31 GMT-05:00 Gnangarra <gnanga...@gmail.com>:

> Point Im trying to make is focus on the positives to achieve what you
> want, your path isnt necessarily be that which will help others, accept
> that vague definitions is better than actual numbers to do that you need to
> assume good faith and trust that the vague will fair to challenges we all
> face in own circumstances number are hard and fast they cant always be fair
> On 23 August 2016 at 11:20, Pine W <wiki.p...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Gnangarra,
>> I agree with you about the vision. I think that where we see things
>> differently may be in the discussion of how we achieve the vision.
>> Individuals have a lot of freedom in the Wikimedia community, but
>> organizations exist in a complicated world with real money, real laws,
>> real
>> people, and a variety of circumstances that can help or hinder progress.
>> We
>> want to share the sum of human knowledge, and to do that effectively
>> requires a coordinated effort. Wikimedia is an incredibly complicated
>> collection of entities, of which affiliates are a part.
>> I am very mindful that real resources (time and money) are involved in
>> Wikimedia, and I would like those resources to be used wisely,
>> transparently, and fairly in service of the mission.
>> I need to depart thread so that I can focus on other projects, but I plan
>> to return here in a week or two.
>> Pine
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