Hello All!

Daniel and I would like to share some good news:

After  talking about it for years, and vetting the draft for months,
it's finally done: the Architecture Committee has adopted a proper charter
defining its purpose, operation, and authority.

You can find the charter here:

The charter among other things defines from where the committee draws its
authority over technical development at the WMF: the committee acts as an
extension of the CTO. This gives the committee  a clear role in the 
foundation's decision
making processes.

The charter also clarifies the scope of TechCom: it is to act as an authority on
technical decisions regarding any official software that serves Wikimedia users.
The committee should be involved in matters regarding such software that are
strategic, cross-cutting, or hard to undo.

The committee has also given itself a new name, to better fit the scope as
defined in the charter: we are now the Wikimedia Technical Committee (TechCom).

Looking forward to working with the technical community to fulfill the charter!

Victoria & Daniel 

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