I am very disappointed with this decision and announcement.

Surely anyone who has read this notice must be thinking that Brazil is at war, 
in wreckage. But that is not true.

Brazil has never produced so much positive impact in our movement as it has 
now. Both groups have extensively created many very innovative initiatives, 
making Brazil one of the leading countries among Wikimedia movement:

GLAM reports

Innovative GLAM partnerships and projects

We spread the wikimedia movement in Brazil through many television 
participations https://youtu.be/9YOIXPwCqw4?t=46m32s (spreading the Wikipedia 
and fundraising campaigns), Radio interviews and many publications in Brazilian 
newspapers, portals and blogs. We organized the Brazilian and International 
Wikipedia Scientific Conferences, generating lot of new academic papers 
regarding the wikimedia movement and improving our relation with the academic 

Such misleading narrative about a “war” has been exaggerated in order to prove 
to WMF it was a bad call to allow more than one user group in the same region. 
But it isn’t. Many countries have more than one group. In fact, a fairly amount 
of healthy competition may lead to more initiatives. Such artificial narrative 
ended up hurting both sides.

This, of course, doesn’t mean there hasn’t been mistakes and conflicts among 
specific members. For sure some conflicts were very unproductive and made us 
spend energy in unfruitful discussions. But most members from both groups were 
genuinely interested in a peaceful and constructive relationship, being 
critical of other members’ refusal to mediation, dialogue and insistence on 
extended personal conflicts.

I have tried informal mediation and requested WMF formal mediation several 
times. But no formal support was given, just disciplinary measures. This may be 
something to learn for the future.  

We are moving forward with the professionalization and incorporation of our 
user group since 2016, in a very slow process, with very few answers received 
from AffCom during this process.

Recent timeline of interactions with AffCom:
19/12/2016 We sent a message to AffCom, regarding our affiliation status 
update, because we were working to incorporate our user group as requested by 
the Grants team.

07/01/2017 We received an answer from Carlos Colina requesting more information 
and our bylaws (originally in portuguese since he speaks portuguese for a first 

02/04/2017 We requested a conversation with members of the User Group Wikimedia 
Brazil durgin WMCON (they refused to talk), so during Wikimedia Conference I 
had a quick conversation with Kirill, about the bylaws sent to Carlos Colina 
and the general situation in Brazil.

03/05/2017 We received a new message from Aff requesting the translated by laws

     06/2017 I requested mediation from AffCom/Iberocoop to have a conversation 
between both groups during Iberoconf in Argentina as informed in our comments 
 User Group Wikimedia Brasil refused to talk, so we had a conversation only 
with Galileo and Carlos Colina from AffCom and we never received any feedback 
from this conversation.

26/10/2017 We received a message informing that they received the translated 
bylaws for evaluation, no comments about conflicts or problem between the user 
groups were cited.

08/04/2018 We received the revocation notice of our affiliation status

I deeply believe in the Wikimedia movement. We have started and signed several 
partnerships and projects which be developed during the following years. So, 
with or without recognition, support or grants from the Foundation, we will 
continue to work, to advocate for open knowledge and to fix the current 
situation in Brazil.

We will move on. It will be more difficult and slow, but we will always move 

Rodrigo Padula
Coordenador de Projetos
Wiki Educação Brasil
21 99326-0558

---- On Sun, 08 Apr 2018 15:19:55 -0300 Kirill Lokshin 
<kirill.loks...@gmail.com> wrote ---- 

Hello everyone,

Recognition as a Wikimedia movement affiliate — a chapter, thematic
organization, or user group — is a privilege that allows an independent
group to officially use the Wikimedia trademarks to further the Wikimedia
mission. To receive and maintain their status as recognized Wikimedia
affiliates, groups are required to comply with certain requirements, which
are identified in each group's individual chapter, thematic organization,
or user group agreement. In particular, the terms of the Wikimedia User
Group Agreement and Code of Conduct prohibit user groups from engaging in
activity that poses significant risk to other Wikimedia organizations or
Wikimedia projects.

As many of you doubtlessly know, the two Wikimedia user groups based in
Brazil — Wikimedia Community User Group Brasil and Wiki Education Brazil —
have been engaged in a severe and protracted conflict, which has resulted
in significant harm to past, ongoing, and planned Wikimedia movement
activities in Brazil. As all reasonable attempts to resolve the conflict
have failed, the Affiliations Committee is left with no choice but to
withdraw the groups' recognition as Wikimedia affiliates.

Consequently, the recognition of Wikimedia Community User Group Brasil and
Wiki Education Brazil as Wikimedia user groups has been revoked, and the
Wikimedia Foundation's legal department has been requested to formally
terminate their respective user group agreements as soon as practicable.
Further, the specific individuals who served as the primary contacts for
these user groups will be prohibited from serving as primary contacts for
any user group application or existing user group for a period of one year.

The Affiliations Committee recognizes that this is an unprecedented and
unfortunate development. However, we hope that this step will allow the
Wikimedia community in Brazil to work towards a new organizational
structure and model that will better serve the needs of movement
participants and stakeholders in the country.

Any questions regarding this matter should be addressed directly to the
Affiliations Committee.

Kirill Lokshin
Chair, Affiliations Committee
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