Hi Paulo,

On Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 4:54 PM Paulo Santos Perneta wrote:
" I'm referring to message from Caroline" - How have you jumped from Caroline 
wanting to further clarify something, to the conclusion that the OP was  
"pushing people who felt harassed or mistreated to step forward"?

I'm specifically referring to this sentence " I really do not appreciate having 
this particular incident discussed here and being forced to step up
like that."

Yes, she claims to have been "forced to step up", but were you able to find any 
evidence for that in the OP? Any accusation is automatically true?

I believe that the person who voluntarily identified herself as the one 
requesting T&S support is not randomly lying about that. I don't think it was 
an accusation, it was an expression of the personal urge to set the record 

Again, please note that I'm not referring to what did or did not happen a year 
ago. I've been trying to express my frustration with discussing personal 
details and stories on a public list. I've clearly failed.



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