On Tue, 25 Jun 2019 at 22:19, Yair Rand <yyairr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm getting so many red flags.
> Established by WMF via secret (non-transparent) process, with no community
> involvement? Non-wiki environment, with the same scope as existing wikis?
> WMF-decided conduct policies? Every single moderator is a WMF employee?
> Forum using closed groups, with non-transparent communication?
> (Closed-source software, unless I'm mistaken?) So far outside Wikimedia
> spaces that the only place it was even _announced_ was an off-wiki mailing
> list?
> Is there something the Wikimedia Foundation would like to tell us?
> -- Yair Rand

While I agree that a good tracking mount, a reasonable telescope and
some CCDs would be a better use of the money (there are some
satellites I want pics of) I don't see anything particular nefarious
here. Improving communications is a long term goal and shifting away
from mediawiki appears on the face of it a good way to do that (we are
after all on a mailing list at the moment. In practice experience
suggests that most people are too busy doing what they are already
doing to get involved in such projects and that mediawiki is so
central to what we are do that most people are pretty comfortable with

So this falls well within the WMF’s nominal goals and is a fairly
understandable approach. I still think we would be better off spending
the money on the kit needed to get a pic of Kosmos 482.


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