There are several causes why people do not upload their photos to Commons.

 Wikimedia Commons is less known like the other Wikimedia sisters. We had to 
increase the awareness of these projects including the Foundation 
itself. But all people speak only about Wikipedia, and nobody starts an 
ad campaign for the sisters to overcome this. Not only the scope of Commons is 
broader, that of the movement is broader, too. Maybe the Foundation can improve 
its support for the sisters to attract new users for the movement.

 Many photographers (and Wikipedians) will be become famous. There is the 
question why to 
publish at Wikimedia Commons instead of Instagram, Flickr, or Pinterest?

 There is almost no support for the sister projects by Wikipedians. Some 
Wikipedians are 
living in their own world, and sometimes they argue against their 
- For many users it is difficult to use Commons or other Wikimedia projects. 
They have to fight against an ancient and not user-friendly user interface (for 
instance manual edits of things stored in EXIF data or in the user account, 
adding categories without any automatic support, etc.).

I am not really sure if an investigation should be done because most problems 
are known already now.

I think we should keep the opportunity of commercial use, because all Wikimedia 
products should be used freely. For instance, what shall an officer at a travel 
agency do if she/he cannot use Wikimedia products freely because of 
commercial-usage restrictions?


>>> Benjamin Ikuta <> 05/17/20 5:07 AM >>>

Anecdotally, it seems people sometimes don't upload their photos to Commons 
because they don't realize that the scope of Commons is much broader than that 
of Wikipedia. 

Has there been, or should there be, any research into this, or why people don't 
contribute more broadly? 


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