This discussion, although started with a question "why don't people
contribute to Wikimedia Commons, now after actually the discussion above,
covers more topics. A few notes, observations and comments:
1) I remember a major discussion took place somewhere on Wikimedia Commons
when one of the strategy2030 draft recommendations suggested uploading
non-free images on Wikimedia Commons. That discussion was also on the scope
of Wikimedia Commons. I wish I could recall where exactly it took place.
However, I am pretty sure that many of you have read or participated there.
Most probably there I first read the idea of "uncommon/uncommons" (or an
alternative version of Commons).
2) Wikimedia Commons is most possibly/definitely less popular than
Wikipedia. I believe many editors start from Wikipedia and then move to
Wikimedia Commons. There is, of course, another reason, when someone
gradually becomes more experienced on Wikipedia, they learn they need to
spend some time on Wikimedia Commons for the article–photos they are
working on. I "personally" do "not" feel the solution of this "popularity"
problem is rebranding. We need more Wikimedia Commons-focused plans,
initiatives, and strategies (I find this is true for all other projects).
3) Yes, the difficulty of using the app/web interface might be an issue of
seeing less contribution as well. You have different photo-sharing
platforms which uploads photos in 1-click. Commons upload process is
longer. (I am not saying the process is bad, of course, we need all the
steps, and there is not an unnecessary step there.)
4) The human emotion and interaction part is kind of missing: On Facebook,
Instagram the likes, comments etc one gets, work as a motivation. This is a
major issue. On FB, or Instagram an uploader can connect with people
instantly, and their responses/reactions are quick as well. (Here also, I
am not really suggesting anything, just keeping it as an observation)
Let's talk about Google Photos, their badges, photo views analytics, and
email time to time (eg: Your photo is making a difference, or You are a
star) is good for motivation as well.


On Sun, 17 May 2020 at 13:03, Fæ <> wrote:

> On Sun, 17 May 2020 at 07:20, Roland Unger
> <> wrote:
> >
> > There are several causes why people do not upload their photos to
> Commons.
> >
> > -
> >  Wikimedia Commons is less known like the other Wikimedia sisters. We
> had to
> > increase the awareness of these projects including the Foundation
> > itself. But all people speak only about Wikipedia, and nobody starts an
> > ad campaign for the sisters to overcome this. Not only the scope of
> Commons is broader, that of the movement is broader, too. Maybe the
> Foundation can improve its support for the sisters to attract new users for
> the movement.
> >
> > see:
> > -
> >  Many photographers (and Wikipedians) will be become famous. There is
> the question why to
> > publish at Wikimedia Commons instead of Instagram, Flickr, or Pinterest?
> >
> > -
> >  There is almost no support for the sister projects by Wikipedians. Some
> Wikipedians are
> > living in their own world, and sometimes they argue against their
> > sisters.
> > - For many users it is difficult to use Commons or other Wikimedia
> projects. They have to fight against an ancient and not user-friendly user
> interface (for instance manual edits of things stored in EXIF data or in
> the user account, adding categories without any automatic support, etc.).
> >
> > I am not really sure if an investigation should be done because most
> problems are known already now.
> >
> > I think we should keep the opportunity of commercial use, because all
> Wikimedia products should be used freely. For instance, what shall an
> officer at a travel agency do if she/he cannot use Wikimedia products
> freely because of commercial-usage restrictions?
> >
> > Roland
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > >>> Benjamin Ikuta <> 05/17/20 5:07 AM >>>
> >
> >
> > Anecdotally, it seems people sometimes don't upload their photos to
> Commons because they don't realize that the scope of Commons is much
> broader than that of Wikipedia.
> >
> > Has there been, or should there be, any research into this, or why
> people don't contribute more broadly?
> >
> > ~Benjamin
> A "share" link on image pages would go a long way to fixing this. If
> folks on instagram, flickr etc. got used to seeing nice images with
> links back to Commons, we might expect 1% to 4% of those readers to
> follow the link back to the source, so if a few go viral, that might
> actually attract a few high quality photographers.
> A "mirror" tool would also be a great addition. If a photographer
> could easily share some of their photos by picking from their gallery
> and pushing to their flickr/instagram and a Commons account at the
> same time, all on a cc-by-sa license, they would come to see Commons
> as part of increasing their own internet footprint.
> Fae
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